Covid 19 Waivers & Screening

Powerful waiver forms for Covid 19 screening

Maintain safety in the workplace with structured Covid 19 waiver forms. Easily tap to build and edit your waivers to match your business's health and safety guidelines. Fiiber's database allows administration to manage submissions as they come in to ensure proper protocol is met before returning to work.


Custom input fields for your forms

Construct your Covid 19 waiver forms to adhere to your industries health guidelines. Our tap-to-build functionality makes form building quick and simple.


Sort & monitor Covid 19 form responses

On submission, Covid 19 waiver responses can be sent to administration via email, and will also be stored in a secure, sortable database for simplistic data management.


Free and instant signup to begin building forms

Begin building your waiver forms in moments with fast, free registration with no credit card information required. The entire process of building & publishing forms and collecting data is free to all users.


Streamlined term/policy agreements

Attach your waivers, policies, term agreements and any other contracts quickly and easily to your forms with the Terms & Conditions widget.


Easily export data to Excel and Google Sheets

Data collected through Fiiber forms and surveys can be exported with a click of a button, making it easy to extract key information, share/send data, and create reports.


Embed forms within your website page

When your form is complete and ready to publish, you can opt to embed your form directly within your website to keep visitors engaged without the need to leave your site.

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