Gyms & Trainers

Automated billing & athlete registration tools

Fiiber began as a software designed for gym management. As the app expanded, Trainers, Nutritionists and Gyms can all benefit from member-management and billing features starting with a personalized sign-up experience, to fast and simple checkouts, all the way to in-depth client management tools and subscription-based billing.

Workflows designed for gyms & trainers


Customizable online sign-up forms

Register your clients by building an online sign up sheet designed to subscribe your customers to their recurring membership right from the get-go.


Attach your sign-up forms to your website

Easily embed your registration form directly within your website to keep visitors within your sales funnel. You can even customize your form's style to match your site!


Filter, sort and export member data

Once your members have registered, utilize our advanced database features to search, sort, filter and export your client data to track analytics the right way.


Billing security for you and your clients

Fiiber users can feel confident knowing checkouts, invoices, and all related billing transactions are handled safely and securely with the support of Stripe's highly recognized payment processing.


Streamlined term/policy agreements

Attach your waivers, policies, term agreements and any other contracts quickly and easily to your forms with the Terms & Conditions widget.


Automatically send recurring invoices

Avoid the hassle of tracking down customer's payments with secure, on-time payments that renew automatically every month, day, week or year from our robust billing portal.

Wondering if Fiiber is right for your business?

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