Office Administration

Powerful data collection & workflow management

Digitalize your office workflow with simple to build forms and streamlined data collection. Filter, sort and export data with a few button clicks. For outstanding payments, use Fiiber Billing to manage invoicing and secure checkouts.

Accelerated data management for office executives and administrators


Manage your important information

Fiiber’s robust database allows you to filter, sort and search your submission data to quickly find the exact information you might need in the moment. (i.e Date of Birth, Emergency Contact, Allergies, etc.)


Easy to build forms, surveys and questionnaires

Digitizalize your workflows with easy-to-build custom forms designed to expedite data collection and replace needless paperwork.


Manage invoices, subscriptions and related finances

All transactions made through Fiiber are stored in our extensive billing section and provide a detailed overview of your financial records allowing for easy year-end accounting.


Easily export data to Excel and Google Sheets

Data collected through Fiiber forms and surveys can be exported with a click of a button, making it easy to extract key information, share/send data, and create reports.


No coding or design knowledge required

Fiiber’s intuitive system lets you create beautiful and easy to use forms in just seconds! Anyone can build a form with their desired input fields, using simple click-and-drag technology.


Billing security for you and your clients

Fiiber users can feel confident knowing checkouts, invoices, and all related billing transactions are handled safely and securely with the support of Stripe's highly recognized payment processing.

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