Web Designers

Dev-friendly embedded forms & automated billing

Beginning our careers as web designers, we certainly understand the woes of having to put together contact forms, quote forms, job application forms and so on. With Fiiber, you can tap to build & style your forms easily (no code required), and embed them directly within your website. No need for back-end email scripts and database storage. Our system will automatically send emails upon form completion and store form results in a simple-to-use, filterable database.

Features for designers and their clients


Save time on form configuration

Save time building HTML forms and email scripts with easily embeddable Fiiber forms. Your client's submissions will send automatically to their email, and also be stored in our feature-heavy database for future use.


Lead capture for Web Designers

With your Fiiber account, you can offer a "Discovery Questionnaire" embedded in your website. Submissions will be sent to you directly and leads will be captured in your results database for easy lead-capture and management.


Fast and automatic client invoicing

Get paid quickly and securely with email invoicing and direct credit card payments. If you charge a recurring fee for website hosting, setup automatic subscription payments in less than a minute, all with Fiiber Billing.


Billing security for you and your clients

Fiiber users can feel confident knowing checkouts, invoices, and all related billing transactions are handled safely and securely with the support of Stripe's highly recognized payment processing.


Sell products & catalogs from your website

Are your clients looking to sell products from within their website? Upload their product line, build streamlined catalogs and attach them to your customer's forms for easy, secure transactions.


Style-match Fiiber forms with your project

Replace static HTML forms with auto-validating Fiiber forms. Worried they'll stick out? Our Form Editor lets you alter colours, fonts and styles to match your website's look and feel.

Wondering if Fiiber is right for your business?

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