Fiiber: Terms of Use Agreement

Last Updated: November 24, 2020

The following Terms of Use apply to all accounts and users of the Fiiber application and it's services.


"Fiiber Corp, We, Our". - The business, Fiiber Corp.

"Fiiber, Application" - The application and it's services (called Fiiber)

"Terms, Terms of Use" - This Terms of Use Agreement

"User or You"- You, and/or the organization registering and using the Fiiber application.

"Website" - The Fiiber website (, including any existing subdomains (app, help, news)

"Plan" - Your Fiiber account plan (paid or free)

"Workflow" - Forms, Calendars, Stores - Fiiber created, publishable components

By proceeding to register and use Fiiber to any capacity, you are stating that you have read, understood, and agreed to be bound by these Terms. If you do not agree to these Terms, you are not permitted to use Fiiber.

Terms of Use Changes:

Alterations to these Terms of Use are at the sole discretion of Fiiber Corp. We reserve the right to make changes to these Terms at any time and will notify you of said changes on the Website. Continuation of use of Fiiber after notification of these changes mean that you acknowledge, agree and are bound to the new Terms. If you have any objections to our changes, your only course of action must be to stop any and all usage of Fiiber.

Using Your Fiiber Account:

You agree not to use Fiiber to violate any laws or regulations set by your municipality, province, country or international laws or regulations. You, the User, are solely responsible for maintaining the security of your account information including, but not limited to, your username, password, personal details, images and company information. Yourself, and all users under your account must also agree to these Terms. Fiiber Corp. is not liable for any loss or damage that occurs from your failure to uphold and comply with these Terms. You may not access Fiiber through any automated methods including code-related attempts, API's or the use of robots or bots unless specifically allowed by Fiiber Corp. All User's must use a valid email address and adhere to the password regulation set by Fiiber Corp. upon registration or in the event of a password change. Sharing your password or any related login credentials is strictly prohibited.

Automated Plan & Billing Renewals:

All paid Plans are billed on either a monthly or yearly recurring basis. Plans can be cancelled by downgrading  within Fiiber or reaching out to a Fiiber representative by emailing or submitting a request through our Website. Unless cancelled, you will automatically be billed at the end of each billing cycle. Downgraded Plans will remain at their current Plan until the current billing cycle is complete.

Workflows, Forms & Results:

All data passed through or received from Fiiber forms, data added manually from Results database, or managed in anyway through Fiiber including but not limited to text, images, videos, files or signatures are not claimed or owned by Fiiber Corp. You own all rights to your Workflows and any User created and publishable component within Fiiber as well as the submissions and results received from these Workflows. By creating a Workflow, you agree to allow Fiiber to display your Workflows publicly, reproduce, duplicate, translate, embed, edit and store these Workflows through any existing or later-produced website, application or medium through an international fully sublicensable license. Results and submissions are not currently subject to public display. Neither Workflows or their results are screened by Fiiber Corp. and the User is fully responsible for their data.


Any request for a refund within 30 days of your payment will be granted in full. Fiiber Corp. Refund requests must be sent from our contact form on our Website.

Legal & Arbitration:

Any disputes stemming from the use of Fiiber or these Terms must be treated singularly through arbitration as opposed to being subject to any class action and/or lawsuit.

Account Suspension, Cancellation or Termination:

Fiiber reserves the right to suspend or terminate all features and access of Fiiber in the event that you have not upheld and/or broken any terms laid out in this agreement. Plans are also subject to suspension or cancellation if one or multiple of these events occur:

- Plan payment cannot be processed for any reason, for example: credit card attempt failure

- Creating and/or publishing Workflows with the intent to illegally scam individuals for information or payment.

- Workflows developed for, or used in the case of spam or illegitimate or unsolicited emails

- Any form of phishing, for instance if a Workflow is used to obtain sensitive information including credit card information, identification info, login credentials, social security numbers or any other sensitive information

- User violates (or is violating) copyright law

Fiiber Corp. may terminate your account at our sole discretion immediately, without notice, if we deem that you have failed to uphold or have directly violated these Terms. In doing so, access to all data saved and/or hosted within Fiiber will terminated and we withhold the right to delete all data including Workflow results, created Workflows and any stored files in relation to your account. Termination of your account will not affect your previous or ongoing obligations to Fiiber Corp. including but not limited to payments and data ownership.

Billing with Fiiber and Stripe

Invoices, Subscriptions, Checkouts and all Billing related Fiiber functions and components are processed using Stripe's API services. Thus, by agreeing to these Terms, you are subsequently agreeing and have reviewed Stripe's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. All payments processed through Fiiber are subject a processing fee from both Fiiber and Stripe. Stripe charges a 2.9% + $0.30 fee (as of the most recent update of these Terms) on all payments made through their system or Fiiber. (This is subject to change by their discretion. [See Stripe's Terms of Service for details.]) In addition, Fiiber charges a processing fee based on your Plan type. Please see for each Plan's transaction fees. All fees are exclusive of all taxes, levies, or duties imposed by taxing authorities. The User is entirely responsible for government imposed taxes, levies or duties.


When providing your email address to Fiiber Corp., you agree to receive email messages regarding Application announcements, updates and marketing resources from Fiiber Corp. You can choose to unsubscribe from these emails by clicking the "Unsubscribe" link within the email body.