Create a Form

Fiiber Pro

This is a guide for a Fiiber Pro feature. Fiiber pro allows access to Fiiber Billing, more features, more users and more capacity. Learn how to upgrade here

Learn how to build forms to collect customer information and data.

1. From the dashboard select the “Create +” button and choose form or select the new form block.

2. Edit your forms title or description by clicking with your cursor.

3. Add fields or widgets from the side navigation and selecting the field you wish to add.

4. Clicking on a field brings up the delete and settings icon; in the settings you can add field specific settings like: labels, placeholders, make the field required, extend the field or hide* the field.

5. Clicking and dragging on a field allows you to move the field to a new area on the from.

6. Selecting the design tab from the side navigation allows you to edit your forms picture, font, color, button text and more.

*Note you may want to hide a field instead of deleting it if you wish to keep that field's results in your database but do not want new users filling out that information. Deleting a field also deletes that field's results from the database.

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