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Fiiber Pro

This is a guide for a Fiiber Pro feature. Fiiber pro allows access to Fiiber Billing, more features, more users and more capacity. Learn how to upgrade here

Learn about each individual field and widget.

Short Text Field:‍ A traditional text input box with a provided area above to add a label of your choosing, (i.e First Name, Last Name, Phone Number, Email Address, etc.) Add a placeholder to indicate an example of an acceptable answer. (i.e John, Smith, (999) 123-4567,‍

Long Text Field :‍ The same as an Input Box but designed for larger responses. (i.e Customer Feedback).‍Heading :‍Add Large Heading text to the form. (Readable only, non interactive on the form)

‍Paragraph: ‍Add Regular Text to the form. (Readable only, non interactive on the form)

‍Dropdown: A dropdown menu that allows users to select from a list of preset options. Click the light blue arrow icon to edit the number of options, and the option values.‍

Single Choice:‍ Allows users to select a single response from a series of preset options. Highlight an option to change it's value, or click {Add Option} to add more values.‍

Multiple Choice: ‍Allows users to select multiple responses from a series of preset options. Highlight an option to change it's value, or click {Add Option} to add more values.‍

Page Break :‍Creates a line-break in the page to separate sections in the form.


Name & Email:The Name & Email widget comes pre-added to every form by default. This field combines entries for your customer's first name, last name and email. When a user fills out these fields, their info will be stored within the Billing area as Customer profile, allowing you to track user-specific data for billing and management purposes. Choosing to remove this field will remove any customer relationship between your Results and Billing.‍

Terms and Conditions: The Terms and Conditions widget allows you to attach a link to your Terms and conditions page (hosted outside of Fiiber) directly to your form. It also requires your users to click a checkbox that confirms that they accept and agree to your Terms of Service, in order for the form to be submitted.‍

Store: The Store widget allows you to attach your products or subscriptions to your form. You are able to select whether you show product images, allow multiple or single-use purchases in the widget settings. Upon choosing a product, your customer will be brought to a secure Checkout page in order to safely proceed with the transaction. Note you cannot have products and subscriptions on the same store.

‍File Upload:‍ Allows users to upload a file that gets submitted to your forms database. Acceptable file types include (jpg, jpeg, png, gif, svg, csv, pdf, docx, pxg)‍

Date Picker: ‍An input box that allows users to select a date from a pop-up calendar. 

‍Signature:‍ Creates an input box that allows customers to draw out their signature.

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