Navigating Form Results

1. You can access the Results page from two places throughout Fiiber. From the Dashboard, you can select the Results icon attached to each Workflow, or if you're inside of a Workflow already, you can select the Results icon from the Workflow Navigation Bar located on the left side of your screen to see this Workflow's submissions.

2. On the Results Page you are able to view all of the submission data that you have collected through your Workflow's form. Any fields you have created for your form in the Editor appear as categories in the results table. The order the categories are displayed in the Results page also correspond with the order in which the fields are laid out on your form.

3. You can sort your data alphabetically by category by toggling the {A to Z} icon beside the desired category name. You can also adjust other display options like changing the number of results displayed at a time by selecting {Set Max Results}. You can sort through the pages of your results by using the {Previous} and {Next} buttons in the bottom right of the table.

4. You can search for specific responses using the search bar in the top right of the results table.

5. You can create new Entries in the Results page by clicking {New Entry}. You will be prompted with a pop up that contains the same fields that appear on your form, and you will be able to input each field entry manually. You can also change a submission's data by clicking the pencil icon to the left of the response.

6. You can export your results by selecting the button {Export Results} which will bring up a pop-up to download your form results as a CSV file.

Note: If you have the Customer Profile widget activated, you can add a new Customer when creating a New Entry.

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