Stores & Catalogs

1. Firstly, make sure Billing Settings are set up and you are connected to your Stripe account (see the Fiiber Billing guide for more details).

2. Go to the Products tab on the Billing page and select {New Product}.

3. Give your product a name and an image to go along with it. You can create a singular one-time price, or enable multiple pricing plans to expand this product's payment options. This includes the ability to offer recurring prices at varying intervals by adjusting a product's Cycle.

4. Once you are satisfied with your Catalog, you can go to the Editor to attach it to your desired form using the Store widget. Select from your created Catalogs to choose which one you'd like to feature. You are able to select whether you show product images, allow multiple or single-use purchases in the widget settings. Once you click {Publish}, your form will be live with your Catalog attached. When your customers fill out your form, they will be able to select their desired product from your Catalog, and they will be brought to a secure Checkout page to safely make their purchase. The purchase confirmation is sent to them via email, and their transaction details are stored on the Billing page, and referenced from your form Results.